Short Films Volume II

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DVD Compilation - 7 works.

Zeger's Note (1984, color/so, 17m)
A note from a friend in Holland invokes a series of memories and dreams from the past and reminds the maker of the fragility of his own existence. Filmed in Holland and the USA.

A Calming Breeze (1984, 17m, so, originally 16mm)
A look at birth and the rite of circumscision.

Toncia (1986, 13m, so, originally 16mm)
In one continuous, twelve minute take, the filmmaker talks with his mother about her daughter who was killed in Auschwitz.

And Then... (2002, 6m, si, originally 16mm)
Turning back, looking at one's past, wondering "what happened?"

Sunday Paper (2003, 11m, so, originally MiniDV)
A moment remembered from a home that is no longer there.

Mizuko (2002, 9m, so, originally MiniDV)
My son's unreturned motel key prompts the imagination to consider lives and "presences" left in that room.

The Visit (2003, 8m, si, originally 16mm)
A child's awakening.

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