Support Canyon

... (Preludes) 1-6

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Comprised of six hand-painted and double-frame printed sections of 16mm film:

1) Turquoise and maroon-toned thin lines of paint are inter-spersed with variously toned circular "water-marks" of blotched paint giving-way to multi-colored brush strokes and finally fulsomely darkened and thickened brush-strokes which then thin to something akin to the beginning.

2) Interplay of toned rectangular shapes, vertical and horizontal and diagonal lines in juxtaposition with hardened darker shapes which gradually shift tone and lighten until ending on thin blues.

3) Many white interruptive frames and absolutely straight-edged multi-colored lines amidst "clouds" of color, finally thickened into blobs with lengthy white (clear leader) spacing between them.

4) Much depth of multi-colored thickened shapes which appear to be super-imposed upon each other, semi-transparent in their "weave" with each other which is increasingly interrupted by ragged-edged blobs and smears of color.

5) This section is very similar to #4 except that it is composed of extremely thin-lined colors and sharply delineated shapes which are constantly interrupted by "cloud"-like forms.

6) Interplay of mostly horizontal linears inter-woven with "watermark" forms in a wide variety of tones which gradually tend to dissolve into blues at end.

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16mm film $44.00  

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