City Symphony

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"Wow! exhale... this film I ve just watched blew my mind,

This guy Dominic, friend of Jack that I ve met at Specs on one of those regular Wednesday piano soirees.

Just incredible shoots of the demolition work on the Embarcadero freeway, and that section by Hayes Valley.

Mark Pauline will love to see these incredible shoots of bestial machinery, steel jaws of appalling looking teeth, and those 50 tons steel balls dropped from the very top of these tall cranes...hitting the freeway lanes...

The lyricism of the back drops, the pyramid building, Coit tower, the double decked bay bridge with cars going by, the incessant hoses spraying millions of gallons of water to keep the unkeepable dust clouds of destruction abated some, and the flopping in the wind of this side covering tarps, clothes, membranes they used to somehow protect, Scenes of tall freeway with holes on the pavement, holes that went thru. and light coming thru, and water and pebbles, and the re-bar, the millions of filament like bleeding arteries attached to chunks of concrete of surreal shape, Dali would have loved to see this film too !

The vines growing on the vertical beans that once hold the massive concrete path ways, car lanes, all along the water, the embarcaero clock tower behind, with Orwellian chaos in front. I exhaled few times, mother fucker, what an incredible shoot, to be topped with another, things I've seeing with my very own eyes, thanks Dominic.

Great fucking document of the course of some human event, and you my amigo were there.

I am so glad this was done, I remember being in total awe at the scope of the machinery, the task they were accomplishing, and the immense joy to see the un-intented beauty of concrete and steel chunks instant art, what an installation ! what a happening!

I was certain that somewhere in the city they were going to leave a tall section, like In-memory of the Loma Prieta victims, not knowing we were all victims... tree branches, vines, like capillaries of steel bars, dangling, bending swinging, pulsing, bursting, bowing, looping, twisting, twisting like veins." (Mauro Fortissimo)

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Includes the following films:

Deconstruction Sight (1990) 16mm black and white sound, 15 minutes

* Charlotte Film and Video Festival, March 1992
* Louisville Film Festival, February 1991
* Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 1990
* Oberhausen Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany, 1990
* Cork Film Festival, Cork, Ireland, 1990
* Denver International Film Festival, Denver, 1990
* Ann Arbor Film Festival, Prize Winner, March 1990
* Humbolt Film Festival, First Prize, Best of Festival, 1990
* Black Maria Film Festival, Director's Choice Award, 1990

Continuum (1987) 16mm black and white silent, 15 minutes

* Black Maria Film Festival, May 1987
* San Francisco International Film Festival, Best Experimental Film 1986
* Seca Award, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1986

Premonition (1995) 10 minutes, black and white, sound

* Black Maria Film Festival, Director's Choice Award, Sept. 1996
* Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1996
* Black Maria Film Festival, Director's Choice Award, 1996
* Ann Arbor Film Festival, Prize Winner, 1995

In The Course of Human Events (1997) 23 minutes, black and white, sound

* Ann Arbor Film Festival, Honorable Mention, 1999
* New York Film/Video Exhibition, Kodak Prizse Award, "Best Cinematography", December 1998
* Black Maria Film Festival, Director's Choice Award, May 1998
* Athens International Film Festival, Best of the Experimental Category, May 1998

Line of Fire (1997) 8 minutes, black and white, sound

*Revealing Bodies Film Series, San Francisco Exploratorium , July 2000
*Filmbrennen Plattform for Experimental-Kurz Film/Video, Kulm, The Netherlands, October, 2000
*Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1999
*Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, IL February, 1999
*Athens International Film Festival, May, 1998

A complimentary DVD of The Soul of Things (Redux) is also included in this package.

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