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Black and White Trypps Number Three

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"...a filmic portrait of secular rapture that harks back to the great annunciation canvases of Titian and Caravaggio."
- Michael Sicinski, Green Cine Daily

"Trypps Number Three transports the documented transcendence of Jean Rouch's Les MaƮtres Fous from the Hauka movement to a Lightning Bolt concert where overlapping bodies, swaying to noise rock, are framed in light beamed from the stage - we return to the models of Caravaggio or Garrel - bodies effectively transformed into islands of individual gestures and expressions via a spotlight and lingering camera, before the film cryptically bends upon itself: henceforth the image (through slow-motion effect) and sound (through Joseph Grimm's spacey drones) conspire to directly invoke the spectator into the raptures."
- Mubarak Ali, Supposed Aura

The third part in a series of films dealing with naturally-derived psychedelia. Shot during a performance by Rhode Island noise band Lightning Bolt, this film documents the transformation of a rock audience's collective freak-out into a trance ritual of the highest spiritual order.
- BR

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