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Sound Design: George Lockwood
Music: Brant Bjork
Photography & Direction: Kate McCabe
16mm on video

Sabbia is a desert trip inspired by the music of Brant Bjork and visualized by Kate McCabe. Evoking the immeasurable desert landscape and old ghosts of a dusty past, the film beautifully weaves together a tapestry of perfect moments and a raw rock-n-roll way of life. As a form of psychedelic documentary, the film explores the musical wilderness of a weird and sexy Southern California wasteland. Sabbia presents the landscape's vast sense of space and time and like a mirage, reveals the magic of desert music, art, and soul.

The vastness of the deserts, their sweep and scope and giant emptiness waiting to be filled with raw sound, has always been a prominent theme in Bjork's music, and it finds suitable expression in McCabe's airy, untethered visualizations of those parts of California where "wasted" describes the landscape instead of the people. Conjuring in bits and pieces everything from Van Sant's Gerry to Wilfred Thesiger's Arabian Sands, Bjork & McCabe's Sabbia crowds the empty desert with sights and sounds that seem not so much natural as inevitable. - Leonard Pierce

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