Friend Film

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

This is a eulogy to lost friends, either by death or disassociation. River Phoenix appears as the archetypal figure of my generation. This film lives in a space of a junkie's death walk, and their final exit from the earth.

Hand-painted 35mm original with optical printing are at the source of this work; with a little help from an electric toothbrush and washing machine. (CVB)

Sound by Crank Sturgeon

Screening history:
October 2006 - Berkeley Film and Video Festival - Best Experimental Film
March 2007 - Ann Arbor Film Festival - and Tour
August 2007 - Seoul, Korea - Exis International Film and Video Festival
March 2008 - $100 Film Festival, Calgary, CANADA (first 16mm screening)

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16mm film $35.00  

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