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"Iimura used the process of re-photography, but in this instance, the screen was the tiny viewer of a 16mm editor. Using various camera speeds and in-camera superimpositions, Iimura analyzed some footage he had made in Katmandu of a man taking a bath in a sacred river. The finished film develops an interesting parallel between the man's careful bathing as the river flows past and Iimura's careful analysis of the man's physically simpler activities as the film flows through the camera.The spiritual illumination the man receives is reflected by the mandala-like circular illumination created by the flickering light of the 16mm viewer. A meditational experience is, thus, presented in a film whose minimal action and quiet pace can create meditational possibilities for viewers." -Scott MacDonald
* Shutter, 1971, 16mm, b&w, 30 min, Music by Keijiro Satoh

"Using two projector speeds and various camera speeds, he photographed the light thrown onto a screen by a projector with no film running through it. Because of the disparities between the speeds of the camera and projector shutters, the resulting footage, which he printed first in positive, then in negative, creates a series of flicker effects which are even more powerful." -Scott MacDonald

I hope you could re-experience through these two films in which I found that a perception in film comes through silent meditation from the experience of the memory of a man in sacred river in katmandu and the hallucination of flickering lights. (T.I.)

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