Jon Behrens Selected Experimental Short Films

  • Jon Behrens |
  • 1987-2007 |
  • 120 minutes |
  • COLOR |
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For more than 25 years Jon Behrens has worked completely outside of the mainstream conception of what filmmaking is, He began to make films as a teenager in the late seventies, starting out with his Grandfathers Wollensak regular 8mm camera and then moving on to 16mm shortly there after. Since the age of 16 Behrens has made well over 100 films of various lengths, subject matters and approaches, from documents of the early Seattle punk rock scene to poetic film experiments in which the celluloid film stock itself has been manipulated. Over the years Jon has screened his films both Nationally and Internationally and has been called one of the Northwest's most prolific filmmakers. This DVD brings for the first time on Home video 16 of Jon Behrens' better known works from the past twenty years. The Films on this disc have all been digitally re-masterd from newly minted 16 & 35mm prints. This collection of films have been hand picked by Behrens' long time companion and muse Barbara Evans.

Films included on this DVD are:
- The Astrum Argentium (2006)
- Vernal Obeisance (2003)
- Undercurrents (1994)
- Kodachrome Revisited (1987)
- Fluffy Fluffy Calm Calm (1998)
- All Saints Day II (2001)
- Anomalies of the Unconscious (2003)
- Prostian Neurosis (1999)
- Stan's Salon (1997)
- A Little Splinter of Time (1995)
- Desert Abstractions (1997)
- The Flickering of the Minds Eye (2001)
- Exposures (1989)
- Six Arms Homage to Mekas (2005)
- Reflections (1992)
- The Last Ten Minutes (2000)

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