Soul of Things (Redux), The

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"Nothing is apparent to ordinary vision
until it is painted upon the window of the soul"
- William Denton 1866

William Denton is one of the early pioneers exploring the paranormal art and science of psychometry. Psychometry believes that every object emits a field of energy. That energy can transit its entire history through touch. If one is sensitive enough this energy field historical information can be transferred and one can have a complete knowledge of an object's history and at the same time help one to understand the past. William Denton performed many successful experiments in the field of psychometry in the middle 19th century. His research is documented in a series of hundreds of experiments conducted and written about in his book entitled The Soul of Things.

The creation of an experimental cinema is, in my opnion, very much akin to a scientist experimenting with light and its movement. However, it also takes on a sense of mysticism, trying to find the hidden meaning of things, and creating a revolutionary way of capturing imagery. This is seen in experimental cinema through the work from George Melies to Stan Brakhage. A filmmaker's sense of touch is through filming. It is by capturing imagery then we begin to seen the true nature of the world in which we live.

In my filmmaking I cannot help but be influenced by the urban area in which I live, love and sometimes hate, affected by such filmmakers of the thirties such as Dziga Vertov, Walter Ruttman, Laslow Mohol-Nagy, Joris Ivens and others. I have been an urban rat most of my life, living in Albany, New York, Buffalo, Chicago and now San Francisco. All of these places have quite a sense of urbanity. It comes natural to me to film my environment so much of my films focus on the urban landscape.

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