Ecstatic Vessels

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Blaze in the trees
Blaze on the brow.

Incidents, spontaneity and presence circle wildly in the natural world.

In the deep woods the elements nod and sweep and seem to signal to each other. Incidents occur. Spontaneity. Foreground and background. Shifting perspectives. A vast scattered array pulls together and with it ideas of trees, wind, sun, and relationships.

"One exquisitely pure example of natural rhythm in poetic cinema is Diane Kitchen's Ecstatic Vessels a work of extremely restrained compositions...It is as close to a purely musical structure using natural rhythms in film, as any that I can think of..." --Dan Barnett

"Diane Kitchen's eye for filming the natural world is distinctive and elegant...finding a richness and delicacy often ignored." --Patrick Friel

"A symphony of movement, color, focus, line." --Grant Wiedenfeld

Xenon-balanced print available upon request

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