Short Films Volume III: Ijime, Ilime II, Tziporah, North Side/South Side, Garden, Jack Haber

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North Side/ South Side
A cinematic reflection inspired by the memorial service for a recently deceased colleague.
Premiere: 2007, Vienna International Film festival

Ijime Part II
The first in a series of cinematic reflections on "Ijime."
"Ijime" is the Japanese term for bullying.

"Tziporah" is the Hebrew word for a bird.
TZIPORAH is another cinematic reflection on loss and grief.
October 2007, New York Film Festival: Views from the Avant Garde
January, 2008, Rotterdam International Film Festival
April 6, 2008, San Francisco Cinematheque
April 27&29, 2008, San Francisco International Film Festival
September 6,2008,Toronto International Film Festival:Wavelengths Program

GARDEN, is a film collaboration with dancer/choreographer, Bill T.Jones. It was included as part of Mr. Jones' 1999 solo performance, THE BREATHING SHOW.

Jack Harber
JACK HABER, is a film about unheralded lives. Utilizing film material found and purchase in a Brooklyn N.Y. antique shop, the filmmaker speculates on the life of Jack Haber.

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