Gaudi & Cezannescapes

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Three experimental shorts informed by the styles of the artists they celebrate. (the two most recent are mini-DV's inspired by the work of Gaudi, the other, created 15 years previously, is a single-system sound, edited- [mostly] -in-camera Super-8).

GAUDI (2006, DVD, 2:40 min.) -
Gaudi's great La Sagrata Familia begun in Barcelona in the 1880's, still remains a vital work in progress.

('07: Dudley Cinema Venice, CA; Athens International Film/VideoFestival; Black Maria Film/Video Festival, Director's Choice prize).

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LA PERDERA (2006, DVD, 2:45 min. silent) -
If the Sagrata Familia, its vertical spirals leaping heavenward, is Gaudi's sacred masterpiece, his La Perdera (a Barcelona apartment house), luxuriating in leisurely horizontal undulations, must be its profane partner.

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CEZANNESCAPES 1 & 2 (1991, S-8/snd, 5:30 min.) -
His paintings are forever inscribed in the Provencal landscape

(selected for "Big as Life: an American History of 8mm Films" at MoMA, NYC, 1982-2001)

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