States of Unbelonging

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The core of this haunting meditation on war, land, the Bible, and filmmaking is a portrait of Revital Ohayon, an Israeli filmmaker and mother killed near the West Bank. Director Lynne Sachs creates a film on the violence of the Middle East by exchanging letters with an Israeli friend. Together, they reveal Revital's story through her films, news reports, and interviews, culminating in heartbreaking footage of children discussing the violence they've witnessed. Without taking sides or casting blame, the film becomes a cine-essay on fear and filmmaking, tragedy and transformation, violence and the land of Israel/Palestine.

"3 Stars! Presents a mature, artistic meditation on Middle East violence."
- Video Librarian

"Parallels the layers of history of the Middle East - demonstrating the possibilities as well as limitations of bridging the gap between Palestinians and Israelis engaging the politics of conflict."
- Dr. Jeffrey Shandler, Dep't of Jewish Studies, Rutgers University

"An invigorating film-essay that ranks with the multi-layered ruminations of Chris Marker."
- Cinequest

"Both humanist reverie and implicit cautionary tale."
- Village Voice

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