Some Women Writers Kill Themselves: Selected Videopoems and Poetry by Alexis Krasilovsky

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Some Women Writers Kill Themselves: Selected Videopoems and Poems by Alexis Krasilovsky is a DVD that allows the viewer to navigate between the videopoems and between poems of several illustrated collections. The DVD's videopoems includeWhat Memphis Needs, screened in the Museum of Modern Art's Between Word and Image; Exile, from the film that aired nationally on PBS, and Inside Story, an ode to a cervix -- the first experimental film using endoscopic camerawork. Also included are three previously published chapbooks of poetry Some Women Writers Kill Themselves, Some Men, and Abuse of Privacy), and Self-Portrait as a Geisha, a collection of new poems.

"... an impressive collection by an accomplished multimedia artist who has been at her craft since the mid-1970's... it should be required viewing..."
- Ryk McIntyre,

"... Southern California's poetry video diva." - Beyond Baroque

"Alexis Krasilovsky, in her poetry videos, works expertly with contradiction. Her poems speak of disaster and despair, yet produce feelings of hope." - G. Murray Thomas, Next

WINNER: BEST OF THE FEST Literary Award, Austin Woman's Film, Music and Literary Festival

This DVD is signed by the Filmmaker and includes the following films:

What Memphis Needs (cinepoem - 1991)
Valium Blues (videopoem - 1983)
Commiseration Moon (cinepoem - 1976)
Inside Story (videopoem - 1983)
Bay-Bee (videopoem - 1988)
Exile (cinepoem from the film, Exile - 1984)
The Earthquake Haggadah (cinepoem from the film, Epicenter U. - 1995)
Camp Terezin (videopoem - 1999)

With bonus short film:

Blood (film - 1975)

Additionally, poetry selections from the following chapbooks are included on the DVD:

Some Women Writers Kill Themselves (1983, 1985)
Some Men (1986, 1990)
Abuse of Privacy (1990)
Self-Portrait as a Geisha (2008 - not yet published as a chapbook)

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