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Hidden in Plain Sight

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Original music composed by Jane Scarpatoni and Guy Yarden

*Hidden in Plain Sight* is inspired by the tradition of cinematic city symphonies and is made up of footage shot in four cities: Santiago de Chile, Hanoi Vietnam, Dakar Senegal and Marseille France. Vignettes from each place are juxtaposed so that the viewer is pulled from place to place, picking up the pieces, making connections only to have them disappear just as quickly.

Historical details (about Salvador Allende and Ho Chi Minh, among others), quotes from writing (by Miriama Ba and Charles Baudelaire and others), laconic captions, scored music, and expressionistic sound design offer contrasting contexts in which to view these images. *Hidden in Plain Sight* offers a dynamic way of viewing street life in these locales, encouraging us to think about how we apprehend a place visually and conceptually.

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