KINOSTURM KUBELKA/16 variaciones

Rental Format(s): 35mm film

The origin of this work is from of the metric classic film "Arnulf Rainer" (Peter Kubelka, 1958-60, Austria, 6'24'' [9.216 frames], b / w, sound, 35 mm.). Like a remake of it, but using the technique of "film quartet", is considered as a particle physicist minimum-time drilling, a quarter of the 35mm frame (every 24 frames form one second of time).

We went from 9.216 frames (384" = 6' 24") of the original to 2.304 frames (96" = 1 '36") in the new version.

The entire film is transferred to pentagram, which is the basis for the notation related to this film technique.

The film, with the collaboration of chance itself contains 16 variations or 16 different ways to be projected, which would be 16 different versions of the same.

Notes: The copy has no leader of projection. The randomness makes the projector decide which version of the 16 projects. The ratio is 1:1'33, with sound.

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