Penny Bright and Jimmy Witherspoon

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Sound by Robert Nelson, featuring Oona Nelson

"This film is a hypnotic yet unsettling take on the "'60s looping craze" (R.N.), made using a homemade camera-printer and a 1/4" tape deck. Nelson pits minimal, repetitive imagery against a looping recording of his daughter Oona, which goes gradually from sweet to curious to
mysterious to cacophonous as the loops begin to overlap each other. Since its initial premiere alongside The Great Blondino and other shorts in April 1967, the film has rarely been seen. Today, it stands out as a quite unique, more textural piece from the filmmaker, which, rather than
retreating into pure abstraction or bland trippiness, subtly and diffusely transmits an undercurrent of its ominous source material." (Mark Toscano)

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