Scenes From Under Childhood Part 1 (Sound Version)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A visualization of the inner world of foetal beginnings, the infant, the baby, the child - a shattering of the "myths of childhood" through revelation of the extremes of violent terror and overwhelming joy of that world darkened to most adults by their sentimental remembering of it ... a "tone poem" for the eye - very inspired by the music of Oliver Messiaen. (The visual imagery was inspired by Messiaen - NOT the Sound Track.)

I recommend to those interested in the greatest visual experience of this film that they leave the sound track off and look at it silently. I suggest that those interested in studying the "sound problem" of motion picture aesthetic take this opportunity to experience the film both silently and then with sound track. My study of this particular Section #1 has convinced me to leave the soundtrack version available - for "study" purposes only - until the entire SCENES FROM UNDER CHILDHOOD, in all its sections, is completed; and then I will withdraw all sound prints and replace them with the silent version only.

Note: A sound version of this section of the film is still available.

Image courtesy of the Estate of Stan Brakhage and Fred Camper.

The National Gallery of Art has generously provided funding for a new distribution print of Scenes From Under Childhood Part 1 (Sound Version) now available from Canyon Cinema.

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