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Dana Plays Volume II

  • Dana Plays |
  • 2011 |
  • 48 minutes |
  • COLOR/B&W |
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DVD Compilation contains:

Love Stories My Grandmother Tells (1994) 16mm, 30:00

LOVE STORIES MY GRANDMOTHER TELLS, Part 1 is a portrait of Dana Plays' 90-year-old grandmother, Peggy Regler, reminiscing about her love affairs and significant relationships. Regler tells about her failed first marriage, the agreement she had to stay until the children were grown (but to see other lovers) which resulted in the true love she found with her second husband, renowned writer Gustav Regler, who later died a tragic death in India. The love affairs are historically rooted in the technological and political developments of the 20th Century and are narratively based in a complex sound/image structure.

Interludes between the stories (silent optically-printed film passages narrated with intertitles excerpted from Regler's diaries and early childhood memories) formalistically refer to early cinema. The footage in these passages is recontextualized and interwoven metaphorically throughout the text.

"The diaries and memories of her 90-year-old grandmother Peggy Regler create a complex portrait of one woman's intimate experiences, and of a life spanning the twentieth century. Her autobiography emerges through formal references to early cinema, a historical moment which changed our conception of subjectivity." -- Kathy Geritz, Pacific Film Archive


Director's Choice, Black Maria Film Festival
16 Best Documentary, New Orleans Film Festival
Third Place Documentary, Big Muddy Film Festival


Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley Art Museum
Montreal Nouveau International Film Festival
Madrid Experimental Week
New York Underground Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Dutch National Television VPRO Broadcasting, Holland
Onion City Festival
Dresden Film Festival, Germany
Interfilm Festival, Berlin, Germany
Leipzig Documentary Festival, Germany
St. John's International Film Festival, Canada
Viper International Film Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland
San Francisco Cinematheque at Yerba Buena Center

Don't Means Do (1982) 16mm, 8:55 min

"Part dramatic narrative, part improvisation, Don#t Means Do, explores the personalities of two
young girls, and someone they meet while out walking. It is a simple and genuine encounter, in
the light of a gentle afternoon between the moods of child and adult." - David Heintz


Cash Award, San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival


Humboldt State University, Women#s Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
San Francisco Cinematheque
No Nothing Cinema

Via Rio (1986) 16mm, 8:02 min

"Via Rio is an ode to our human desire for relationship. The film tumbles through a series of
relationships woven around one woman's narration of her parents' marriage. This woman
(played by Lilian Mafra) is a fresh and fecund personality who relates the story of her mother's
infidelities while sitting naked and pregnant in a garden. Interspersed around this narrative are
a number of other scenes which feeds the complex nature of human interaction. Interaction that
is sometimes comic, sometimes lonely, but as the very pregnant Mafra indicates - inevitably part
of life." - Frances DeVuono


Ann Arbor Festival Cash Award and Tour
San Francisco Cinematheque, New Films
Koukosai Theater;
Humboldt State Film Festival, Women#s Film Festival
No Nothing Cinema
Pagoda Palace

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