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Under the Shadow of Marcos Mountain

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

The structures of our thought filter what we see, and in fact there is no
seeing apart from those structures. This film is part of an ongoing project
to show where I am in a (here, natural) landscape in a way that reflects
those structures of thought. It is "hypnogogic," not so much perceptually
(although to some extent that too) as conceptually. Our eyes see constantly,
but what do we actually notice? That vision is excessive, wasteful, even; in
paring down, it becomes both more spare and more concentrated.

It is also a meditation in process of how my marvelous son Marcus has
changed my life and my way of being in the world, recoloring a place where I
was already.

This film was shot entirely with a homemade pinhole camera and edited
largely in-camera through the use of a rhythmic score. It is a further step
in the evolution of my continuing series of pinhole films, working to extend
this technique and aesthetic.

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