Light Lick: Daily Camera

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

"Saul Levine began his LIGHT LICKS series in 1999, using a technique that would flood his camera with so much light that it would spill beyond the gate to frames of Super-8 film not yet exposed. He describes his LIGHT LICKS series as "ecstatic flicker films inspired by jazz and mystic visionary practice" and embraced them as a form that lent itself to a kind of cinematic improvisation even as he turned to video for other film projects. His 2011 film DAILY CAMERA gets its name from the Boulder newspaper building seen in the film before the figurative portrait of the Colorado town gives way to visual instability, images superimposed one over another and pulsing colors and abstract shapes created by the play of light on the lens and the film." - Sean Axmaker

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16mm film, 18 fps $45.00  

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