Light Lick: By the Waters of Babylon: This May be the Last Time

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

Shot right before Dwayne's stopped processing Kodachrome, this is the last of Saul Levine's LIGHT LICK films to be shot with the discontinued stock. Exposed just after Thanksgiving weekend, and the light is very much late November, right before the Winter Solstice. Existence equals thin ice.

"Even as he explored the possibilities of video production, Saul Levine continued to work in Super-8 and 16mm film to celebrate the unique aesthetic of light on film. THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME, his 2011 study of the Charles River in Boston in the cold light of the Winter Solstice, was in fact the last time he shot Kodachrome for one of his "Light Licks" films (as Kodachrome was phased out by Kodak). In these films, he floods the camera with so much light that it spills into the next frame of film, turning the screen into light and texture. Between the abstractions he takes in the ducks on the river and waddling across the road, people crossing the bridge and the sparkle of sunlight on the water (which carries the film back to the light and abstract shapes of the "Light Licks" aesthetic)." - Sean Axmaker

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