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Short Films 1975 1-10

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

This is a series of ten deliberately untitled films, each separated on the reel by several feet of black leader. As I wish also to make them individually identifiable, I'll provide the following description of beginning and end shots of each: No. 1 begins with blue negative face of child, ends with single centered eye; No. 2 begins with blowing snow, ends with lamp stand and lights of the city; No. 3 begins with landscape/sunset thru mist, ends with window sill; No. 4 begins with green tiled bathroom, ends with golden mirrored image of cameraman; No. 5 begins with back of airplane seat, ends with horizontal streaks of bold light; No. 6 begins with brown light thru quartz crystal, ends with candle wick burning and circled by boiling gold flecks; No. 7 begins with raccoon in rose light, ends with fading face of child; No. 8 begins with white lamp post, green tree leaves, and window, and ends with flashing window light on brown wall of motel room; No. 9 begins with rocks, tree trunk and plants in glow of light, ends with green and gold forest scene; No. 10 begins with flash of scratched "lightning," ends with moving dot, screen fading out.

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16mm film $150.00  

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