Mouches Volantes (Elective Affinities, Part II)

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"Three elements, at first quite independently, struck me deeply, were brought together: this title which suggested do much to me, this narration by Angelina Johnson of the story of the life of her husband, Blind Willie Johnson; and groups of visual material, light fragments from my own personal world of occupations.(...) As in all my films, the basic processes of cinema, the exposing of film stock to light, here the stringing together of linear patterns of sound and image, become metaphors, embodiments of acts of coming to feel, coming to know.(...) Words, images, sound, light, flows of energy leaping and cavorting in conciousness, taking form. A celebration of elusive relationships.--L. G. "The film unfolds and recedes before us as do the waves on the beach in Sections 5 and 6. The shots themselves become familiar images, as does the quizzically magical sound track. The tonality of the film stock moves from high contrast balck and white to subdued color and back again. All of this cyclical lyricism creates a fullness, an organic whole.(...)"--Raymond Foery, Idiolects

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