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Micro-Celluloid Incidents in 4 Santas

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Super 8mm on video

The flow of time & unseen human relationships are exposed at public amusement facilities in 4 California towns.

The title is a reference to Ray Birdwhistell's ground-breaking anthropological study from 1971, Micro-Cultural Incidents in 10 Zoos in which he employed a "perceptiscope" as a cinematic microscope. 4 Santas utilizes digital tools to interrogate film, and in so doing, to investigate meaning. What can be shown and what can be known? -- JCL

"..4 Santas triggers a sense of wonderment and displays a level of mastery with a fresh and innovative perspective hinting at transgression." - MUFF Jurors

"The Santas are not Clauses, but Monica, Cruz, Rosa, and Clarita, four towns in California. In each town Lipzin filmed a device devoted to spectacle and pleasure: ...Each of these is a vivid source of light and motion, but also a means to observe people in their private moments of fear, joy, and intimacy. The work combines still and moving imagery to unusual effect--niceties of personal relationships and rituals, that remain hidden in the motion footage, are revealed paradoxically, when we are shown the film material as a sequence of stills. It is a subtle work, humorous, and light, but packed with visual and intellectual surprises." - Grahame Weinbren, Sr. Editor, Millennium Film Journal

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Second Jury Prize in the 8th Montréal Underground Film Festival (2013)
Director's Choice Award in the 32nd Black Maria Film & Video Festival

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