Cracks Between the Stones

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Super 8 transferred to video

Cracks Between the Stones asks viewers to reconsider expert speculation about past history as architectural remains of earlier cultures are interpreted.

The visuals were composed from many hours of footage shot over a 10-year period at remote Amer-Indians sites, in the European Arctic region, Stonehenge and contemporary U.S. urban sites.

The sound was constructed from various sources including conversations with a Texas archaeologist, Navajo radio broadcasts, and a slide lecture by a Park ranger at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

A 6-minute version of this film was one component of a viewer-activated site-specific window installation in San Francisco in 1991, produced in collaboration with Bill Baldewicz.
A second version was premiered in 2000 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and was transferred to digital video in 2004 at which time it was substantially revised.

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