Coming Attractions

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"Tscherkassky's recent, most beautiful film Coming Attractions creates a complex mosaic of cross-references - both formal, between shots, and historical, between periods and genres. This film demonstrates the extreme textual density found footage can achieve, interweaving early cinema, the avant-garde and commercial advertising. (...) It explores the solicitation of the viewer's attention and desire implied by the term 'attraction' through the coy glance and the revealing display. In the Kuleshov tradition, Tscherkassky absolutely creates a new film from his found footage, but still he delivers to us discoveries drawn from the orignal footage, relevations about the nature of film and our fascination with it." - Tom Gunning

"Avant-garde film is attributed with a spiritual affinity to early cinema, also known as the 'Cinema of Attractions'. This notion touches upon the exhibitionistic character of early film, the undaunted show and tell of its creative possibilities, its direct connection to the audience. At the same time, elements of early cinema have been preserved in advertising, such as its frontal address of the camera and bald use of cinematic 'tricks'. Coming Attractions seeks to humorously excavate the subterranean rhizomes of a mutual genealogy and to celebrate the trinity of early cinema, avant-garde film and advertising" - P.T.

78 International Festival Screenings
Venice, Toronto, New York, London, Rotterdam, Melbourne . . .

4 International Awards
Premio Orizzonti for Best Short Film at the Venice Film Festival - 67th Mostra internazionale d'arte cinematografica di Venezia (Italy)
Best Short Film of the 48th Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón 2010 (Spain)
Honorable Mention at Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2010 (Brazil)
Best Austrian Film of Vienna Independent Shorts Festival VIS 2011 (Austria)

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