Grain Graphics

Rental Format(s): 16mm film
Sale Format(s): DVD

Print Restored by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, curated by Mark Toscano.

"Another entirely structural film is Grain Graphics, which begins with two frames of a film strip, on
above the other, occupying the middle of the screen, flanked by two vertical filmstrips with smaller frames. ln grainy negative, a small number of figures interact in various ways in each of the frames. Gradually, as if the camera were drawing away, this pattern grows smaller and its units increase conespondingly in number, until at the end there appear to be hundreds of rectangles, all with figures busy in motion." - Edgar Daniels, Filmmakers' Monthly

First Prize San Francisco Art lnstitute Film Festival
First Prize Poetry Film Festival
Cash Award, Sinking Creek Film Celebration

Cinematheque, Madison, Wisconsin
Out of the Past: Film Restoration Today UCLA Loyd Bridges Theater, Los Angeles, California
Nashville lnternational Film and Video Festival
University Film Association National Conference, Austin Texas
NYU Experimental Film Workshop
Eye Gallery
Mills College
Philadelphia College of Art

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