Dana Plays Volume V: Pop-Up Edition

  • Dana Plays |
  • 2015 |
  • 18 minutes |
  • COLOR/B&W |
Sale Format(s): DVD

This edition features a seriee of short formal studies that werc included at the Kadist Art Foundation Canyon Pop-up Exhibition in December 2013.

Agitprop (4 minutes, 2013, color, sound 16mm to HD Optical Printing)

Visually arresting, deconstructionist piece examining pre-WWll newsreel war footage propaganda. The visual treatment of this piece, involving optical printing, abstract composting, and time manipulation, mirrors the historical permutations, and re-setting of meaning, this propaganda film segment endured through censorship, duplication, and film extraction.

Passage (2 minutes 10 Seconds, HD original, 2013)

Stark, nign-contrast shimmering circles of confusion emanating from streams in wet sand,
and sand crabs scooting over their discarded exoskeletons in pools during low tide.

Aquifer (3 minutes 59 Seconds, DV original, 2011)

Underwater study in light and motion of the aquifer erupting at Crystal Springs in Zephyrhills,

Clones (4 minutes 22 seconds, color / sound, 16mm to digital 2015)

Formal study in composited imagery of albino frogs and fruitl flies mating from science experiments found footage.

Arriving Departing (3 minutes 36 seconds, B&W, silent HD original, 2009)

Rich, pristine black-and-white digital visual overlays of the train arriving and departing the
station at Villefranche-sur-Mer, France.

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