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"We perceive that a set of concerns builds up, with artful indirectness: women's power; the
gestures of gender; manipulation of a spectator's sensibility through the medium of film; large-
scale political implications of small moments." - Karen Schiff Big Red & Shiny, Issue 42

TO AND NO FRO: In collaboration with Monica de la Torre and Bunuel's Women Without Love. Status and culture crack the mirror of family secrets, dreams, hauntings and wish-fulfillment in shifting and multiplying frames. 4.5 min. sound B/W (2005)

MIRROR WORLD: In collaboration with Gary Sullivan and Mehboob Khan's AAN. A
reshaping of Khan's classic Bollywood feature, locationg its narrative tropes against mistranslated subtitles. . . becoming "multi-lingual" in the maneuver. Formal play and poetic montage wrench causality to create a sub-version of class conflict and desire.
12 min sound. Color (2006)

(If I Can Sing A Song About ) LIGATURES: In collaboration with Nada Gordon and E. J. Bellocq's classic photos. Subversive sexuality and the poignancy of desire and vulnerability. The women are visions, desirous, vulnerable, illusory; the illusionary nature matnifests in traversing boundaries, epectations and ultimately physical bodies.
5:22 min. B/W. (2009). Music by Marty Ehrlich.

SALOMÉ: In collaboration with Adeena Karasick and Charles Bryant's Salome (1923). Child has layered and processed the images, recomposed the multiple strains of music and selected words and phrases to create a "succulent nexus": fluid and strange.
20 min. B/W (2014). Music by Frank London.

"reconstituting the very shards of narrative - both witty and moving kitsch into the real."
- Robert Withers

Selected for Rotterdam, NYFF, Oberhausen, Ann Arbor, Black Maria, Hong Kong, Tribeca New Music Festivals. Also exhibited at EXIS Korea, Sound Eye Festival in Ireland and installed at Harvard's Agassiz Gallery, Wakeforest's Haynes Gallery, The Road to Contemporary Art at the Complesso Monumentale di Santo Spirito, Rome and Ava Gallery in NH. Featured in retrospectives at museo Sofia Reina in Madrid, The Greek Cinematheque in Athens and Harvard University Cinematheque.

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