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Spent Moments

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

An abstract narrative shot from the point of view of a house - the woman is seen from an angle of the wall, the corner observes her. This is a film about fleeting sensations in the midst of ordinary activities, the energy of heat, and the activity of the imagination.

"...A mop swishes across an almost holy rectangle of white light, glowing on the kitchen floor. The rectangle leaps out like a projector-lit movie screen in darkness. As images of pen on paper, a woman seated by a typewriter, and games like the word "suspense" followed by a film noir image of shadows and a lamp appear, one infers that Sousa is questioning not only the "spent moments" of the domestic life but of the creative life as well."
Wendy Brabner, Spiral, 1984

"In Spent Moments an apparently straight-forward narrative of a young woman pursuing sundry activities in her small house filmed in ravishing, richly halated black and white, takes on haunting power through the juxtaposition of terse title slides with beautifully composed, languorous passages. In this film the light, the space, the weather, even the woman herself, together with the staccato passages of text, become a haunting evocation of a season, a world of intense personal introspection."
Levi Smith, Writer and Artist, 2014

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