What Am I Doing Here

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What Am I Doing Here is a reworking of a performance piece that involved all the permutations of five words, five notes, and five movements. The film puts flesh on the bones of the performance. Acting out various scenarios using footage from my private life, I answer the permutations of the questions. Within the film is documentation from the original performance, myself in black leotard enacting the five positions with their corresponding word.

"...Is it possible simultaneously to critique and employ the seductions of glamour? There is an implication of discontent in the person of this woman who asks what she is doing here. Through images of sexuality as a battleground of the woman's mounting sense of dislocations and explosion, and through the breaks and thwartings of the narrative, the locus of discontent is directed toward sexuality and her relation to her own body. The film suggests the turmoil of a woman unable to deal with the sexuality provoked by her beauty. The film's end, with her taking up binoculars to settle the score, is a fair statement directed at the voyeurism inherent in watching a film."
B. Ruby Rich, Chicago Reader, 1979

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