Dead End, Dead End

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part of the "Loose Ends" series -

Untoward Ends, along with Dead End, Dead End and Endless are a kind of cross between diaries and structural films and span the main part of my career working in 16mm. These were not happy years for me and they are not happy films. They were all conceived as silent films and I was very consciously working out my ideas about visual rhythm and visual/musical form. When I had them transferred to digital I had the opportunity to see how they would work as sound films - How hard would it be to compose musical tracks for them that would complement their spirit without detracting from their purity as silent film compositions? I had lots of fun in the process and have learned a great deal from them about the interaction between the two modalities as kinds of musical expression. I will leave it to others to decide if
they are successful or not.

Untoward Ends and Dead End, Dead End are tortured pieces of work - and the sound compositions accentuate that fact. I don't recommend them to viewers who are angling for an uplifting experience. In fact I never released Dead End, Dead End at all as a silent film. It served me as a cathartic release from the very conflicted years I spent teaching at SUNY Binghamton - feeling alienated from a community that was already alienated from much of the culture.

Untoward Ends, B&W, silent 16mm to HD sound
Dead End, Dead End, B&W and Color, silent 16mm to HD sound
Endless, 1987-1990/2016 - digital sound version | SD - 16MM at silent speed to HD sound

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