Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A portrait film shot during sunset at the end of winter, full of the joys of melancholy. Inspired by the late-19 th -century romantic musical form, the albumblatt#a short, spontaneous, and improvisational piece. 

- Olympia Film Festival, Cine-X, Olympia, WA, November 2010
- Lights Film Festival, Rhode Island School of Design, March 2011
- T.I.E. The International Experimental Cinema Exposition, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, March 2011
- Athens International Film Festival, experimental category, Athens, OH, April 2011
- New England Underground Festival, La Paloma Sabanera, Harford, CT, October, 2011
- Antimatter Film Festival, Open Space, Victoria, BC, October, 2011
- From Gust to Hail East Coast Tour, Luis Arnias Matt McWilliams programmers, multiple locations, February 2012
- Private Territory, A tour of films from North America to Reykjavik, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Curated by Mariya Nikiforova, August 2012

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16mm film $35.00  

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