The Muse of Cinema Series

Rental Format(s): 16mm & 35mm film

The Muse of Cinema series was inspired by the filmmaker's research into the silent-era cinema-going experience. Many of these films received funding from the Princess Grace Foundation Special Projects Grants 2004 & 2007. Rental of this entire set of films includes "bonus" works COMING ATTRACTIONS and AULD LANG SYNE.

The series includes the following eight films for the special series price of $250.00 (see individual title listings for complete descriptions, or to rent individually):

1. RETROSPECTROSCOPE 16mm silent (1997) 5 minutes
2. TERRA FIRMA 35mm silent (2005) 7½ minutes
3. MUSE OF CINEMA 35mm sound (2006) 20 minutes
4. PHANTOGRAM 16mm silent (2008) 9 minutes
5. SPECTROLOGY 16mm sound (2009) 11 minutes
6. COMING ATTRACTIONS 16mm silent (2004) 3 minutes
7. CONJUROR'S BOX 35mm silent (2011) 6 minutes (at 18 fps)
8. AULD LANG SYNE 35mm sound (n.d.) 1 minute

Rental Fees

16mm & 35mm film $250.00  

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