Septuagenarian Collaborations

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By Gary Adlestein and Jerry Orr

Three non-narrative tales based on literary classics (by way of 1950's Classic Comics) and an experimental meditation on how fast, especially at a later stage of life, tempus fugit.

Includes the following titles:

Split Bowles (2010) 11 min

Miller's Tale (2015) 16 min

Ovid Illustrated (2013) 14 min

Early Onset (2016) 7 min

"The 3 videos based on classic texts, had both an 'old tale' feel to them mixed with an uninhibited modern boldness: I enjoyed their mischievous naughty playfulness, and their wickedness of no-holds-barred! I also enjoyed the fugal fugit (Early Onset) piece as well. The energy from these two chemists in video kinetics is potent and palpable."
-Mike Kuchar

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