• Re:Voir |
  • 1999-2004 |
  • 90 minutes |
  • COLOR |
Sale Format(s): DVD PAL

A collection of 8 films from lowave and Collection Jeune Cinéma by experimental filmmakers such as Solomon Nagler, Frédérique Devaux, Valérie Morignat, Shiho Kano, Dominik Lange, et al. Includes 2 bonus films.

The DIFFERENT CINEMA #2 DVD assembles eight films and videos by artists presented during the 6th Different Cinema Festival of Paris. This extraordinary compilation is a mix of digital video and celluloid film that tackles the subjects of femininity, investigation, and the search for identity. These films are created by artists whose inspiration stems from the tradition of cinema as well as cutting-edge contemporary art.

Label : LOWAVE & Collectif Jeune Cinéma, 2006
8 films, 2 bonus films, 8 biographies, 60 min, PAL/NTSC, all zones, stereo, 4:3
English / French with English / French / German / Spanish subtitles

Artists: Frédérique Devaux, Valérie Morignat, Maurizio Santini, Dominik Lange, Shiho Kano, Olivier Fouchard, Ruben Guzman, Solomon Nagler

Publisher: lowave (via ReVoir)

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/52990254

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