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This DVD video edition brings together the only two documentaries directed to date by Patrick Bokanowski, filmmaker of the imaginary.

The Role of Chance:
Henri Dimier's hand lets itself be guided by
total creative spontaneity, creating a dialogue with the sheet of paper, a conversation with the work in progress, the jubilatory quality of the vibrations of hand on paper. Liberty, fantasy and chance are Henri Dimier's three watchwords.

The Waking Dream:
Colette Aboulker Muscat has taught Waking Dream for the past forty years in Jerusalem. To each person who comes for a consultation, she offers a short story leading to a waking dream, equal in intensity to a night dream. The surprise provoked by the story, and the shortness of the treatment are, for her, essential aspects of the process. The mental imagery itself allows one to overcome a problem or an illness.

Contains a 34-page booklet about the films.

Publisher: ReVoir


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