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Acéphale - Patrick Deval

  • Re:Voir |
  • 1967-1968 |
  • 76 minutes |
  • COLOR |
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"An ascetic prince wanders aimlessly, lectures at a university, wanders again, meets other underfed individuals, plunges into the maze of the city, wanders again, discovers virgin forest and builds a community, feels trapped, returns by himself, wanders in desperation, arrives at a crossroads at night-time, insults a woman passing by and apologizes immediately."
-Philippe Azoury

"All of the Zanzibar members were inspired by a kind of quest, by a research for the light, and for a certain desire of purity. In describing the hero of Acéphale as a "searching head" (une tête chercheuse) Patrick Deval sums up this proclivity. In the same film, there is a memorable shot of the film's youthful band spread out on a fence, illuminated from behind. They are like moths hovering around a lamp bulb."
-Sally Shafto

Two films by Patrick Deval
Includes a 24 page booklet with texts by Philippe Azoury and Patrick Deval

Acéphale 1968 35mm 56min
Héraclite l'obscur 1968 16mm 20min

Publisher: ReVoir


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