L'hiver - Marcel Hanoun

  • Re:Voir |
  • 1969 |
  • 78 minutes |
  • COLOR/B&W |
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DVD with a film from Marcel Hanoun's Saisons tetralogy with Tiziana Siffi, Michael Lonsdale, Christian Barbier, Frédéric Latin, Maurice Poullenot

"One could spend forever unraveling this endless net, so tightly woven with signs and echoes, which becomes richer with every viewing. Hanoun's formal investigation of the fragment and the (almost subliminal) flash frame, of very slightly altered variations and repetitions, which he applies to situation as much as to dialogue (often repeated, either within the same shot or from a different angle) reveals something of the interiority of film, of its creator's unconscious, which becomes that of his characters. This structural resemblance to a Russian nesting doll should not confuse; it's rather the contrary of this detachment with which the film ends. The more Hanoun compresses his dreams of dreams within dreams (films), the closer he gets to intimacy."

-Emeric de Lastens

Publisher: ReVoir

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/162843375

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