He stands in a desert counting the seconds of his life (Re:Voir DVD)

  • Jonas Mekas |
  • 1969-1985 |
  • 150 minutes |
  • COLOR |
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A film by Jonas Mekas shot between 1969 and 1985. Contains a 60-pages booklet

"The film consists of 124 brief sketches, each half-a-minute to about two minutes long. Portraits of people I have spent time with,places, seasons of the year, weather (storms, snow, blizzards etc...)many of my film-maker friends- streets and parks of New-York- brief escape in nature, out of town- nothing spectacular, unimportant celebrations of life that has gone, by now, and remains only as a record in these personal, brief sketches." Jonas Mekas

Publisher: ReVoir

Preview: https://vimeo.com/179888218

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