Tryst Haunt/The Harrowing

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Tryst Haunt (3 mins.):

This is a hand-painted film photographically step-printed so that the thicket-like lines of paint are "played off" against some centered pale-hued areas of paint in such a way as to suggest a clearing in a forest of branches (which is, in the repetitive form of the whole film, only fleetingly seen) - a trysting place which flits through the mind like a ghost.

The Harrowing (3 mins.):

A hand-painted film which has been photographically step-printed to create varieties of tempo in mimic of sparking and molten rock. The recurrent centrality of certain painted forms, and the exploding magma-like flickering repetitions of all that surrounds the forms, suggests a harrowing process.

Note: THE HARROWING and TRYST HAUNT are available as a package at the price of $20.

Rental Fees

16mm film $35.00  

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