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23rd Psalm Branch Part II

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Part II - A searching into the 'sources' of Part I, it is composed of the following sections: Peter Kubelka's Vienna, My Vienna, A Tribute to Freud, Nietzche's Lamb, East Berlin, and Coda.

This work, created in regular 8mm a decade ago, was in great danger (as all the SONGS) of being lost forever due to deterioration of the original and all lab masters. Despite great expense, I've managed to enlarge the original (step-printed) into a 16mm master. I chose this film (above all other SONGS) FIRST because the multiple splices & hand-painted sections of it endangered it most AND because I fear the war-inclination of this society at this time once again.

"... an apocalypse of the imagination." - P. Adams Sitney

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