Visions in Meditation Part 3: Plato's Cave

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Plato's cave would seem to be the idee fixe of this film. The vortex would, then, be the phenomenological world - overwhelming, and thus "uninhabitable." The structures of thoughtful meditation are naturally, therefore, equivocal so that, for example, even a tornado-in-the-making will be both "dust devil" and "finger of God" at one with the clockwork sun and the strands of ice/fire, horizon, rock, clouds, so on. The film is, I believe, a vision of mentality as most people must (to the irritation of Plato) have it, safely encaved and metaphorical, for the nervous system to survive. All the same I hope, with this work, to have brought a little "rush light" into the darkness. The film is set to the three movements of Rick Corrigan's "Memory Suite." Its multiple superimpositions are superbly timed by Louise Fujiki, of Western Cine, as usual.

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