Color Time

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

A film for screen; projector performance (with lens and light filters); a film to be projected in a shadow box (as part of a gallery installation)

"Imagine an eye" ruled only by the laws of a Bolex camera, color reversal film, and an idealistic filmmaker with the audacity to believe that "each object encountered through life [is] an adventure of perception." I made this film in defiance of a digital world, longing for the tactility of mechanical representation to make a sketch of the natural world, the light. I longed to play with the color of film at its last gasp. I wanted to understand the relationship with the celluloid color timer (RIP) essential for the answer print. In so doing, I learned the relationship was Talmudic, at best, like going to an Ophthalmologist (in failing sight) and hoping she listens to me as I tell her which lens works better. And chemicals and performances intervene. Innocence is lost. Yet the representation of light, color, nature, shadows, and a shaky camera, persist. The seeming audacity of pure "perception" is but a moment of silent meditation.

Please note: Quotes from Stan Brakhage, Metaphors on Vision

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