Winter Beyond Winter

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"apologies towards the inevitable." - JS

Winter Beyond Winter (2016) confirms his gift for lyrically transposing what's close at hand, in this case drawing a reverie of fatherhood from the short, sharp days of New England winter. The camera moves from laden trees to dazzled earth while on the soundtrack a boy reads from Cormac McCarthy's The Road. How strange it is to hear this text in the child's slightly bored voice, innocent of the narration's buried heartbreak. From here we follow an older man carrying skates and a boom mic into the woods. He turns a few elegant arcs around a small pond, the camera watching from the side before shaking off its melancholy and taking to the ice. One skater holds the image, the other the sound; the shot is their union. As Martin Buber wrote, "All real living is meeting." - Max Goldberg

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