In a Year with 13 Deaths

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a film structured by the directly recorded cyclic sound of a needle on the silent track of a vinyl album. The picture from the title, and the subsequent mirror images, lightly shake and abruptly jump in a tractile movement that resembles the pulse of the heart, sizing memories into the present. Light painting and nature imagery are captured in 13 shots of different points of luminescence, on the 13th anniversary of Schwartz's mother's passing, and as a homage to Rainer Werner Fassbinder's personal In a Year with Thirteen Moons (1978). In this film, Fassbinder reacts to his lover Armin Meier's suicide by telling the story of Elvira, who visits some of the important places and people of her life before ending it all. As the circular sound repeats itself, Schwartz's film also remains unended--he seems to know that these motifs are not resolved, they are not behind, but below consciousness, and he will not sign off with his name and year, as he does with the rest of his work. - Monica Saviron

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