Acts of Light: Angular Momentum

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

ACTS OF LIGHT is a trilogy consisting of RATE OF CHANGE, ANGULAR MOMENTUM, and CIRCLES OF CONFUSION. Together they develop a study of pure color based on the notion that film is essentially change rather than motion. The films build one on the other as first pure change, then relational change, and finally, irrational change. They can be seen together or as separate works.

A DVD-R of this trilogy is available for purchase.

In ANGULAR MOMENTUM continuous color changes rotate around a spectrum at varying speeds of rotation and degrees of intensity. The colors on the left start nearly white and rotate very slowly. As the film progresses the color value become darker and the speed of rotation increases until, by the end, the color is nearly black and rotates around the spectrum about once per second. On the right, the opposite occurs. It starts black and progresses nearly to white. The film has an improvised electronic soundtrack by Richard Teitelbaum.

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