Between Gold

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"Of a dividing line, division of light, gestures and glances, a body of water, against two continents, amongst a time of reflection, in a space that is external, or internal..." - JS

...Schwartz explores the effect of light as both mystery and revelation. Glazed water in erubescent evenings discloses the shadowed details of the streets of Istanbul. As in Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad (1869), Schwartz portrays an external and inner journey of enlightenments, decisions, and renunciations. He looks inside by stepping outside, until the night comes and memories blur:

"I saw a dog of this kind start to nibble at a flea -- a fly attracted his attention, and he made a snatch at him; the flea called for him once more, and that forever unsettled him; he looked sadly at his flea-pasture, then sadly looked at his bald spot. Then he heaved a sigh and dropped his head resignedly upon his paws. He was not equal to the situation."

The untarnished Kodachrome of this film is a mirror-like ocean. On the soundtrack, dogs howl reverberating from another place and another time. No spoken word is needed. Momentary glances become long lasting conversations whenever the place is not a destination. - Monica Saviron

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