Chuck's Will's Widow

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CHUCK'S WILL'S WIDOW is a eulogy for my father and mother whose ashes are spread in the Adirondack mountain woods where the film is shot. Visualized through a field of swirling shapes, the fragmented landscapes weave an emotional fabric containing inexplicable personifications and associations.

"The projected rectangle is seldom as energized as in the 13 minutes of Chuck's Will's Widow, a film by Bill Brand. This movie pulverizes space. Brand uses a jagged, free-form traveling matte to combine two separate images in a constantly shuffling jigsaw pattern. The overall field resembles a flock of origami birds, a moving linoleum floor, or maybe a Dubuffet mosaic. The scenes Brand combines are all bucolic - rolling hills, an apple orchard, a country road - but the effect is hardly tranquil. The seemingly random motion of the interpenetrated planes - as dizzying to decode as a Cubist still life and flashing as fast as a disco strobe - provides an exhilarating experience of cinema as pure kinesis." -- J. Hoberman, Voice

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